On the Glow



EXFOLIATING is the single most important step our clients can do to ensure a longer-lasting tan. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and brings healthy fresh skin to the surface. Your first round of exfoliating should be completed 2 showers before your appointment. This round will pull off some of those dead skin cells and loosen the others which will be stripped off during your next shower. 

SHAVING is a great way to exfoliate your legs but doing it too close to your appointment leaves pores open leaving them susceptible to dark dots from the solution. We recommend shaving the 2 showers before your appointment.

MOISTURIZE using a lotion and/or oil such as coconut. 

HYDRATE with a glass or bottle of water post exfoliation!


WHEN DO I SHOWER BEFORE MY VISIT?                                                                      A.M. appointments - shower night before.                                                                P.M. appointments - shower morning of (must be 3+ hrs before).

EXFOLIATE gently with a wash cloth to buff off any loosened skin from first exfoliation.

MOISTURIZE with a lotion & facial moisturizers after your rinse. DO NOT apply deoderant or any oil based lotions. 

HYDRATE with a glass of water post shower.